AIDS: Real Causes, Prevention, And Treatment

The AIDS menace is already growing in proportions across the world. Millions of people over the world are sufferers and millions have died. AIDS is peculiarly prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa where it has claimed many lives. Whether homosexuals or heterosexuals, It has been slaying its millions.

In 2017, 940,000 individuals died from AIDS and that brought the cumulative figure to 35.4 million over the years. Likewise, for HIV, the statistics are also alarming.

As last year at 2017, 36.9 Approximately 37 million peoples had been dwelling with HIV

At the end of 2017, $21.3 billion was available for AIDS response in low income and middle-income countries. (

The world is being ravaged by the phenomenon of AIDS and many people are becoming preys. , Researchers are still making efforts to demystify AIDS and come to conclusive agreements on causes and treatments.

Different treatments and drugs are being produced by pharmaceutical companies to counteract the effects of AIDS. Even though there is no known cure for AIDS, research has not stopped and methods of treatments and management have proliferated the medical space. They range from medical science to alternative medicine and traditional medicine.



Early on, it was believed that the Human Immune Virus was the cause of AIDS. This view was popularized by the research of Robert Gallo. Gallo himself has been discredited by the scientific world on other issues and he was sent away from the National Cancer Institute. His so-called discovery has been put on the scientific and medical spotlight and has been found wanting. It has been found that there are many HIV patients who do not develop AIDS even after many years. Likewise, animals have been used as a test and even when they were injected with HIV, 15 years after they didn’t develop AIDS.

Also, many people have been diagnosed with AIDS without being victims of HIV. The HIV=AIDS speculation has known to fail the three tests of associating a disease with a particular cause. Those three tests are:

These rules are:

The suspected organism has to be present in each and every case of the disease, and in sufficient quantities to cause disease;

The agent cannot be found in other diseases;

After isolation and propagation, the agent can set off the disorder whilst transmitted to some other host


Many scientific studies are finding a close correlation between drug use and AIDS. Drugs that cause immune damage have been researched as the primary causes of AIDS. There has been a widespread increase in drug use on a global scale. The use of marijuana, cocaine, opium, poppers, psychedelics, amphetamine, LSD, PCP have been increasing and this surge in drug use is closely correlated with the ravaging disease- AIDS. One constant feature of AIDS patients is the regular use of hard drugs. Whether homosexuals or heterosexuals, narcotic drugs have been found as the common base among AIDS patients.

These drugs contain harmful substances that weaken the body’s immune system and destroy white blood cells, thereby reducing the body’s capacity to fight diseases.

In the same vein, STDs drugs like Penicillin and corticosteroids have been found to be a cause of AIDS among patients. These drugs that are used to treat sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections have been recorded as causes of AIDS. Many of these treatments have immunosuppression elements that weaken the body’s immunity and expose it to disease conditions like AIDS and Cancer. Tetracycline, Doxycycline Minocycline, Oxitetracycline and Erythromycine like Penicillin have a lot of adverse effect on the functionality of the immune system.

In Africa where the AIDs endemic is most visible, the causes of the immune suppression go beyond drug use. Poverty factors like malnutrition, the presence of bacteria and other parasites as well as poor personal hygiene have increased the incidences of AIDS.


While AIDS is incurable, like most other diseases, it is actually preventable. The HIV=AIDS proposition has weakened people’s approach to AIDS. Many who see AIDS as a product of HIV have focused solely on sexual practices as the way to prevent the disease. However, if immuno-suppression and the general weakness of the immune system are the prime suspects, then the approach to AIDS prevention must change.

Nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance still remains the bulwark of the body against ravaging diseases. Healthy eating habits, consistent exercise, correct water intake, exposure to a healthy ‘dose’ of sunlight will help boost the immune system. But in the case of AIDS, perhaps temperance is the main prevention. Abstinence from the use of the drugs that have been known as causes of AIDS is essential. Cocaine, antibiotics, AZT, poppers, opium, and marijuana among others put the health at great risk factors. A rehabilitation process to get free from these drugs can be the wisest health investment.


AIDS Treatment
AIDS Treatment

Medically, AIDS has no cure. However, Pharm companies over the world have been boasting of drugs and treatments to manage the situation. Some have even declared cures for AIDS. However, much of these efforts have not been quite successful and medical sciences just have to admit their incapacity to battle AIDS. In fact, many of the treatments have only worsened the situation and led to earlier deaths.

However, there are many alternative medicine researchers that have been making wave little by little not with the cure but with the treatment of AIDS.

It will take a holistic approach if AIDS will be properly treated. It will not just be about the endless array of drugs but attention to every health indicator and the whole body, mind, and soul. It is such a comprehensive approach that can help sufferers.

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