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How much water should we drink daily? How many calories should we take depending on our BMI? How can we get rid of Seasonal Flu? How do Trans Fats upset our metabolism? Would a Gluten-Free diet really work for us? These are questions that have crossed our minds many a time. And each time, we have been filled with an overwhelming curiosity to discover the answers.

We, as human beings, have an innate desire to survive and live gracefully. This desire motivates us to find out more about health and wellness. Thus, we turn to doctors, spiritual healers, and other medical care providers. We read books and subscribe to health publications. In this quest of a healthier lifestyle, we also approach the Information Superhighway (i.e. the internet).

Looking up health-related activities is one of the main internet searches. The internet is handy and user-friendly. But for the same reasons, it can easily mislead the common man. A person with little or no medicinal knowledge can easily be distracted by the vast amount of medical data available online. According to Ignacio Basagoiti of the Universitat Politècnica de València,

“There are more than four billion web pages with medical content and this number is increasing every year. More than half of these pages don’t match minimum quality requirements. A serious lack of suitable content (matching the patient’s needs) is found. When patients have access to professionally oriented information with no criteria or filter, usually more problems and fears appear than the ones this information solves.”

The trouble with health information on the web is that it is not usually supported by a credible source. It lacks straightforward language and often deludes the reader rather than providing a clear-cut answer.

We, at, are a group of health-conscious individuals, dedicated to making health browsing clearer and easier. We aim to establish a friendly community where health-related queries are answered and medical issues are resolved. We strive to better understand disease and uncover the secrets behind home cures. We hope to grasp the various facets of health and hygiene.

On our blog, you will find simple and short answers to everyday questions like, “Can Diabetes really kill somebody?” “Can drinking lemon water prevent kidney stones?” “Is Stroke inheritable?” and so on. We address queries as simple as the meaning of cancer and as complex as the mechanism of FNAC. We endeavor to respond to your queries in a clear and concise manner. Nevertheless, if you are unable to find a quick fix to your problem, put your feet up and Contact Us.

Let’s enjoy some Eureka moments together!