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Acne Problems Diagnose And Treatment

Ice For Acne

Briefly Describe Acne Symptoms And Treatment

Acne commonly named vulgaris, a disorder of hair follicles of the face, back and chest or neck. Acne also characterized by blackheads or whiteheads on oily skin (Pimples). Dermatologists find different treatments for improvement of this disorder by regulating oil-producing glands.


Types Of Acne
Types Of Acne

A very common skin condition like blackheads and whiteheads and also puss filled pustules (spots). During puberty, it starts and varies from one to another in the face, back, and also on the chest. Most serious and adolescent problem by which loss of confidence takes place. Commonly it persists in teenagers but sometimes it also presents in old age peoples. Its develop during teenage and may continuously grow after teenage like after thirty and old age. Minute chances of occurring in children.

Causes Of Acne

Causes Of Acne
Causes Of Acne

Oil producing glands (sebaceous) in peoples caused acne is particularly sensitive to the normal blood cells often called testosterone. Which presents in both male and female also.

Testosterone causes the excess production of oil and at the same time, pores and lining of dead skin cells are not shed properly and stuck or clog in follicles. Two effects build up of blackheads producing oil.

Acne Bacteria

Propionibacterium acnes lives on every one skin normally no causing problems. But in some persons like in acne person, build up of oil and it creates ideal conditions. In which bacteria mostly and easily can grow.

Then bacteria grow, inflammation triggers and formation of red filled spots occur

Diagnose Of Acne

Usually diagnose or characterized by spots and distribution on spots on face and neck, chest, and finally on back.  But there are too many variations in acne and your medical doctor able to tell you. Which type of acne occurs after the proper examination o your face and skin. But the most common type of acne is (acne vulgaris)

Appearance Of Acne

The appearance of acne depends upon mixtures like oily skin, whiteheads, and blackheads, yellow puss filled pimples, red spots, and scars. When small scars and pimples burst then tender spots and cysts developed.


ACNE Treatment
Acne Treatment

To treat acne Doctor prescription and

Physical and medical checkup takes place like topical retinoid topical antibiotics azelaic acid antibiotic tablets, especially in women. Sometimes combined with oral contraceptive tablets.

Top topical treatments like gels creams and lotions

  1. Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is an antiseptic that works to reduce the bacterial number on the several surfaces of skin. It also helps in the reduction of whiteheads and as well as blackheads and also anti-inflammatory effects on skin and other parts of the skin.

It usually available in the market as a cream or lotion and gel either be used once or twice in a day after 20 minutes and after 20 minutes it should be applied and after this washing your all parts of the face and your skin affected by acne.

As you know that benzoyl peroxide contains bleaching effect so when you apply benzoyl peroxide you avoid to getting on clothes on hairs.

There are some common side effects of benzoyl peroxide including dry and burning effect. Like sensation some redness and peeling of the skin of different persons. Common side effects of benzoyl peroxide effect as usually very low to mind and very high for the treatment of acne in most people it requires 6-week course treatment to Claire and wipes out all of the kinds of acne your prescribe doctor advise you to continue or discontinue treatment after the frequently used of Benzyl peroxide.

  1. Topical Antibiotics

Different kinds of antibiotics help to reduce and kill the effect of bacteria and also clear out and plugged hair follicles topical antibiotics available in market as a lotions and applied on the skin once or twice in a day is required after that should be stopped because there is an adverse effect on body so our body became resistant to this bacterium.

  1. Azelaic Acid 

An alternative treatment of acne is Azelaic acid. The side effects of benzoyl peroxide and topical retinoids are irritating and painful so easily get rid of dead skin cell and kill the pathogenic bacteria are available in the market as an and usually applied on a face twice in a day this does not have to worry don’t have to avoid exposure to the sun.

  1. Antibiotic Tablets

Oral antibiotics like antibiotic tablets are usually common in the combination with a topical treatment of severe acne and acne-like problems. In most cases, an antibiotic called tetracyclines is prescribed by the doctor. Unless you are pregnant or breastfeeding female as well as pregnant and breastfeeding female. I usually advise taking antibiotics tablets and which is safe to use.

After using antibiotics pills it usually takes after 6 weeks to 10 weeks. You noticed that there is an improvement on your face. There is depending on how antibiotics tablets reacted on acne. A complete course of oral antibiotics can last for 4 to 7 months depending upon the condition of the stage. There are some tetracyclines but the problem with the tetracyclines are that tetracycline can make your skin very very sensitive to sunlight and ultraviolet light. You can make an oral contraceptive pill. Which is less affected during the first few weeks of the treatment of acne.

  1. Hormonal Therapies

The benefit of hormonal therapy usually occurs in women with actual acne especially. When the acne players are around their period and associated with the conditions. Like the Polycystic and some different syndromes.

  1. Isotretinoin

It has a number of beneficial effects following below:

This help to normalize the sebum effect and reduce how much production of sebum which depending upon the follicles become clogged, when the amount of bacteria is decreased then the secure skin reducing redness and swelling in however the drug can also be widely side effects.

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