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Cancer A Leading Chronic Disease And Prevention

Cancer Disease

Important To Know:

A cancer registry is the cancer cases which are registered in a population or specific country. In whole world mortality rate due to cancer is 20%. In USA cancer is the second largest disease of causing death after heart disease. Recently in 2016 estimated that 595,690 people die from this disease according to cancer statistics of National Cancer Institute USA.

An author of University of Alberta (Canada) Halliday A Idikio researched that cancer has different patterns in different sexes as well as children and geographic locations generally cancer are rather different in developed and developing countries.

Developed Countries: Lung, prostate, breast cancer etc are in epidemic form.

Developing Countries: Liver, cervical and oesophageal cancer are in active form.

Why Cancer Attack Us

Red Light Area
Red Light Area

It would harm us by frequently usage of Tobacco, alcohol consumption, Physical inactivity (More Rest), Low fiber diet (using fewer salads), Unprotected sex (Red light areas), living in polluted air and by the use of contaminated injections (Reusing)

Possible Cause:

According to clinical as well as experimental research tell us when a single normal cell enters in the neoplastic cell (Cells of abnormal growth) then it is a single possible way of developing tumors.

Oncology (Study of treatment of tumors) shows when a supportive environment is available for infection termed as epidemiology in which air, humidity, pressure, temperature, light are including then speed of neoplasia (abnormal cells) is increased in every possible manner some other unknown factors are also known which increased the speed of tumors.

Genetic Factors Affecting Cancer:

According to the oncology Department University of California, heredity plays a risky role in developing cancer. Risk of developing cancer in relatives by a know cancer patient is three times higher as compared to other conditions. Familial cancers which occur more frequently in Families are Breast cancer, Colon, Ovary, Brain cancers. These cancers more developed in relative age (early) within closely two or more relatives. Overall genetic cancers are not greater than 5% of almost all cancers like Retinoblastoma, Familial polyposis coli, Multiple endocrine neoplasias (MEN), Breast cancer, DNA-chromosomal instability syndromes.

Geographic Factors

Largely cancers are partly distributed in the environment and in geographic areas. Especially these cancers affecting the whole community, country, and population. In this cancer are spread through soil, climate, water, diet, customs, habits.

Americans and white Europeans are widely infected by malignancies of the lung, breast, and colon cancer. Liver cancers are unknown in these races (same type of peoples). In Japanese women breast cancer is uncommon but in USA women breast cancer is almost common according to the National Cancer Institute USA ( 9609 Medical Centre Drive)

Black Africans: According to the American Cancer Society black Africans have commonly cancers of the skin, Penis, cervix, and liver.

Japanese: Japanese people have five times more rate of stomach cancer and carcinoma cancer than Americans.

Environmental Factors

In the propagation of cancer, our environment plays a very harsh role by eating, drinking, inhaling, and touching.

Cigarette Smoking

Smoking cigarette and all types of smoking as well as chewing tobacco play an important role and support it to grow and propagate widely in areas like Lungs, pancreas, urinary bladder, larynx.

Tobacco Smoking
Tobacco Smoking

Penile Cancer

Muslims and Jews are commonly circumcised so carcinogenic component of sigma appears to play role in penile cancer.

Industrial And Environmental Substances

They are the most dangerous waste to propagate cancers like an exposure to unhealthy hazards and waste like Benzene, asbestos, arsenic, vinyl chloride etc.

Age Factors

Most popular and significant risk factor for cancer is age. Only two to third of all cancer occur above 65 years of age. Some tumors only grow in two peaks one in children and second in older age people.

Sex Factors

Cancer of sex organs in males and females like tumors are more than in only men and only women like breast cancer. Breast cancer is frequently occurring cancer in women and in men Lung cancer is frequent. Two sexes may be related to only one specific sex hormone.

Ways To Prevent:

Some people think and believe cancer only occur by bad luck, fat, and genes. But scientific research of Cancer Research Centre UK we prevent from cancer by Avoiding UV rays, cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco and alcohols, X rays in our environment because it damages our cells and when these damaged cells gain entry into DNA then cells start to grow multiply and out of control.


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