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Cosmetic Cause Health Problems


You are very anxious about choosing your moisturizers like hair color product and makeup brands. But the important thing is how much time you spend on the checking of the quality of your cosmetic products. These items are cosmetics which we used in our personal care including foundations face beauty and shampoos. Hairstyle products like other deodorants toothpaste hairstyles nail polishes they are considered. But they are only safe when we put reasonable time on selection of these products. You don’t mean that they do not have risky problems.

How Badly Cosmetics Affect Us

Cosmetics include a wide range of daily use products. Some of these can cause health problems like skin and eye irritation, allergic reactions. Also the problems of short-term cycles and long-term cycles. The cosmetics ingredients cause long-term health issues which will be run throughout your life even when the ingredients in cosmetics checked. But the result is not always simple. For example, many ingredients used in cosmetics found to be toxic at very large amount in other words at very high concentrations. The amount of these ingredients used in cosmetics in minute quantity. But in minute quantity it will also affect the body.

How Can Products Be Tested For Safety

Lab Studies:

Scientists have to touch the data of ingredient whether something might cause cancer. From all studies using all the cell cultures of the animal and ingredient because there are too many substances including natural and manmade which have to test out. For this, the lab scientist uses knowledge of their chemical structure and all aspects to focus and check the factors of causing health problems.

In the ingredients of cosmetics concerning cancer-causing substances. Secondly, there is a difference between the substance being tested in a lab and used, while preparing the cosmetic products for example when a substance has very low absorption or less absorption in the body but when this substance is injected in the form of cosmetics then there is a very high risk of causing health issues.

Safety Concerns:

Beauty Products
Beauty Products

Some safety concerns also be used before using any commercial cosmetics and personal care products. Include Oils, creams, lotions, lipsticks, mascara, and other beauty products. Infections spreading bacteria on the skin cause irritation and scratch on the eyes as well as allergic reactions.

While manufacturing ingredients products including all types of cosmetic products contaminations added by un-secure manufacturing system. Adding including the quality of product prohibited ingredients. According to FDA, the following ingredients are highly prohibited to use in cosmetics, Chloroform, Chlorofluorocarbon propellants, Bioethanol, Vinyl chloride prohibited. Cattle materials like Methylene chloride.

Restricted Ingredients

These are the chemicals which are legally restricted. But also be used in minute quantity on very serious basis like Hexachlorophene, Mercury compound sunscreens used in regular cosmetics.

Questions Concerned

Good chemicals and bad chemicals both used in cosmetics. What are cosmetics how they can be dangerous, water safe cosmetics? Company of manufacture, Product quality and product price and public rating is concerned.

How Can We Make All Cosmetic Safe

From Good Chemicals And Bad Chemicals

There are number of chemicals which you used on your skin and parts of the body. But there are some chemical which are highly variable and good for your skin but these companies used these chemicals in very minute quantity. Some chemical are not compatible with the other persons so while using any cosmetics first to ensure that your skin show compatibility with the cosmetics. Secondly, there are no cancerous material and pathogens including in this cosmetic etc.

There Are Some Chemicals In Regarding Their Functions

Butyl Acetate: This chemical used to prevent nail polish fading and chipping.

Coal Tar: This chemical dissolves dead skin cell and control itching in shampoo and hair dyes.

Formaldehyde: Including in nail polishes soap shampoo is having creamy effect.

Ethyl Acetate: Containing liquid in nail polish mascara tooth whitening perfumes and deodorants.

Triclosan: This product is used to prevent bacteria growing on your skin and it is also used in Deodorants and soaps.

Propylene Glycol: Keeps product safe from melting.


Using safe chemicals to ensure that you use safe chemicals in cosmetics check the manufacturer company and their description, like product description. When you apply any cosmetic on your skin and you have to expose in warm weathers then sudden problem like redness itching hot burn occurs. You have to ensure that your product is not highly toxic and variance healthy for you.

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