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Fat Loss: Some Mistakes To Avoid

Fat Loss

Fat loss is the motive of every other person. We all don`t want stored fats in our body. This is the loss we all want. At the start of a new year, we all write “Lose weight” on resolution page. Few of us keeps on track. This is due to numerous reasons. We start with high targets but fall behind soon after setting. On the other hand, we are making efforts but not getting results. So if you are one of these read the following lines.


Unbalance Approach

In the start, we are fresh, motivated, and enthusiastic about losing that we sometimes adopt something unbalance.Our body requires nutrients in a specific limit. People follow some diet plan that generally says”eat as much …but this”. So in this “as much” people usually eat a lot. They take in more calories that are unwanted for the body.

On the contrary, those who want to lose weight are strict in their diet. Hence, they eat too less, regardless of their body requirements. This calorie deficit slows down metabolism. Similarly exercising more and less diet will give you stress. As well as using less will less exercise means a lower metabolic. Last but not least fat loss is a combination of balance workout and required calorie deficit.


Not Eating Enough Fiber

Fibers play a vital role in weight loss efforts. Soluble fibers form gels, which slowly moves in the digestive tract. This slow movement keeps you feeling full. This also reduces appetite. Fibers also reduce calories absorbing. Doubling fibers intake will result in slowing calories absorbing for up to 120 calories.

Belly fat and stomach fat is easily lost through fiber. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in fibers. Especially green and dark-colored vegetables contain fibers. However, overeating fibers will cause constipation, gas, or bloating. They can be cured with an increase in fluid intake.

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Eating Too Often

It is a conventional approach that when you want to lose, you should decrease time duration of eating. Everyone likes this approach, but they make a mistake. The mistake is that they eat too much every time. They don`t focus on how much they are eating.

Give the body, when it requires. The best approach is to eat only when you are hungry. Eating too frequently can cause our liver to feel congested. The idea behind eating between main meals is to eat healthy snacks which give you a feeling of fullness. Don`t let yourself hungry too often. Just focus on your calories intake every time you eat. It would be effort taking but more beneficial to keep with you the track of food intake of the whole day. This will let you realize the quantity of intake for the whole day.

Also, eat slowly; this is a psychological trick to eat less.


Unrealistic Approach

Initially, when we intend to lose weight, we are motivated, so we set some hard goals to reach the target. Similarly, we idealize some personality and try to have the same figure. All these activities lead to setting unrealistic goals. People want to reduce 11 pounds in 3 days is something imaginary.

This unrealistic approach leads to frustration, stress, and chances of dropping out. So be patient, set some realistic targets. Go step by step. Set smaller goals, achieve them then set next goals. Concludingly, divide the target into small and realistic goals. Remember a practical approach will give you long-lasting results.


Not Reading Labels

Most people are not accustomed to reading labels of the synthesized food they intake. People usually focus on the main ingredients, which are on the front. They mention the percentage of fats and carb as well as serving size. So the more you read the label, the more you are in the picture of what you are eating.

Read sodium present in the product and reduce the amount. Go for the potassium-rich product. Pay attention to serving size when you are focusing on portion control. Almost 100 calorie food is moderate when you are on a 2000 calories diet.

Avoid artificial sweeteners, Sodium Benzoate, and  Potassium Benzoate.


Crash Dieting

People, when start dieting, make it tough for them. They go on crash dieting with minimum food. They believe that eating less will increase fat loss. However, this is just a myth. One should have an eye on what they are eating more than how much. The crash is unsustainable for a more extended period as well as its results are temporary. Crash dieting slows down metabolism.

Instead of fat loss, muscle lost is there in crash dieting. One is always hungry and may eat more than usual at one time. This will drop your blood sugar as well as pressure affecting heart rate. Last but not least, main nutrition are missing, which pace up the process of weight loss.


Not Planning Well

Planning is everywhere important. It plays a vital role when one is set for weight loss. We make our mind and start doing. This produces a worse result. People end in putting on weight instead of losing. So one has to plan how much to lose, what should be the duration, and how to lose. It should not be in mind but on planner or notebook. Once you plan to stick to it, you can give incentives to yourself on achieving your goals; this will keep you motivated.



Fat loss is the dream, just like other dreams. It is not about figure; instead, it is about good health. Lower fat indicates good health and long satisfying life. However, this dream needs attention, even before starting a diet. One has to plan properly and then stick to it.

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