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Habits That Ruin Your Weight Loss Plan

Weight Loss Plan

Prelude To Weight Loss Plan:

While most of us are aware that eating cheesy sausages every day for breakfast is not really good for the waistline, there are many other subtle bad habits that keep on adding more pounds to our bodies. These habits are harmful because they have the potential to sabotage our weight loss plan. It is already really tough to discover a diet plan that suits your metabolism. Because our bodies respond to food in different ways, not all diets work for everyone. Once you have found the ideal weight loss regime that works for you, you can lose more pounds by avoiding some simple setbacks in your daily routine.

Some Habits That Ruin Your Weight Loss Plan

All of us have some habits that affect our weight loss plan negatively. Although we may be exercising regularly and sacrificing a lot, some everyday practices may be the only thing stopping us from achieving our ideal weight. Such habits can be difficult to break as they have become a part of our daily routine. In this article, we enumerate a few harmful habits that seriously ruin our weight loss plans.

  • A Poor Diet Plan
  • Binge Eating
  • The Eat-And-Run culture
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Missing Breakfasts
  • Conclusion

A Poor Diet Plan

Many people, while trying to lose weight, either consume too little fat or too little food. They make a rigid routine of intense exercise and a little eating. But being on a diet plan doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t eat to your heart’s fill. It is the foods you eat that determine whether you will put on or cut down fat. For a weight loss diet to work. you should focus on eating lesser calories than you burn.

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Some ways to devise a healthy eating plan are listed below:

  • Eat a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables. You should steam your veggies instead of frying them. Actually, when you eat vegetables, you can eat a great deal of them without feeling guilty. This is because vegetables are rich in fibers and can be very filling for the stomach. You can also add vegetables to your main-course dishes to increase their volume.
  • Use Olive oil instead of synthetic cooking oil. Hydrogenated vegetable oils are rich in Trans Fats and make it hard for you to lose weight. On the other hand, olive oil contains healthy monounsaturated fats that prevent stroke and heart disease. Also, it doesn’t cause weight gain and obesity.
  • Complement breakfast cereals with fruit. This way, you will still find it tasteful without outdoing the calories.
  • Focus on salads, smoothies, fruit juices and soups. What you are expected to do is eat a diet that is rich in fiber but low in sugar and protein. Also, prefer foods that have substantial volume so that you don’t feel empty after eating. Snack on asparagus and cereals to avoid feeling hungry.

Binge Eating

Binge Eating
Binge Eating

Basically, binge eating means consuming large and often unrequired amounts of food mindlessly. This can result from mental illness or simply because you have nothing better to do. From eating Pringles in front of the TV to finishing your kids’ leftovers, mindless eating can take many forms. It may be a harmless Mars bar during the brunch or a Chinese takeout during lunch. These practices usually become such a normal part of your routine that you don’t notice you are overeating. It ruins your weight loss plan. Nevertheless, they increase your intake of calories. More calories directly cause you to gain weight. You may also suffer from nighttime eating or emotional eating. Some people also have the habit of overeating at social events. Beware of excessive eating can lead to Obesity.


  • To avoid mindless eating, you can keep a Food Journal to help you record all the food items you eat daily. Before going to bed, add up the calories you have had during the day. Needless to say, you will be surprised.
  • Once you have a general idea of the magnitude of your problem, take some healthy measures to reduce your overeating. For instance, try to replace Pringles with a vegetable salad. Learn to cook at home and take home-cooked lunches to your workplace.

The Eat-And-Run Culture

Due to the increased stress in our daily lives, we often don’t plan our meals. That is, we don’t allocate a specific time for eating. Usually, you are having a burger and fries as lunch in your car while driving to pick up your kid from school. Or it may be that you pick up a sandwich while rushing out the front door in the morning. When you eat on the run, your body has little or no time to register that it is getting some nutrition. Also, many of the eat-on-the-run food choices are not always the healthiest options out there.


  • Yes, you are busy but if you fail to actually sit down at a table and munch a chicken wing, then you are causing detrimental harm to your own well-being in the future.
  • Moreover, sitting in a relaxed atmosphere for as little as half an hour can help you recharge your batteries.
  • You should avoid these traps by making better choices and carefully planning out your day.
  • While traveling, most of us rely on convenience stores for buying food. These one-stop-shops definitely live up to their name as they sell all fat-laden fast foods. But if you have apples, oranges and other fruits with you, you can improvise by making a salad. Or you can carry granuloma bars and water with you in the vehicle. Just preplan your journey to avoid these convenient stops along the way.

Sedentary Lifestyle

If you have an office job and you spent long hours just sitting at your desk, then according to research you are highly prone to Heart Attack, Stroke, Type II Diabetes and yes, you guessed it, Obesity. Also, psychologists think that people who stay at a desk all day are more susceptible to chronic depression. A desk-bound lifestyle restricts you to the workplace. As a result, you don’t move about and slow down your own weight loss progress. The trouble with weight loss is that it can’t occur in poor living conditions like malnutrition or excessive eating.



Actually, when you sit on a chair and in front of the computer for long periods of time, your muscles don’t get the exercise they need. So get some fresh air, watch the birds chirp in the early morning air, indulge in meditation and make the best of your time.

  • Go to the gym and devise a proper workout plan. Not only does exercise make you smarter and healthier, it also contributes to your mental stability. It is nature’s mood enhancer.
  • Get at least one hour of energetic activity every day.
  • Run a few miles, lift a few weights, and do some squats.
  • Don’t be the kind of person that moves from the office chair to the car seat only to end up on his couch. Be vigorous and participate actively in physical exercise.

Missing Breakfasts

It is very common for people these days to miss out on breakfast. There may be an early meeting at the office or a general desire to cut down your calorie intake. But such abnormal behavior can actually slow down your weight loss. Breakfast is crucial to kickstart your metabolism. In the early morning hours, all the systems that are starved after an all-night hunger are actually just waking up and need adequate nutrition for their proper functioning. People who eat a healthy breakfast not only feel positive but are also more likely to eat good, healthy foods throughout the day than those who ignore breakfast. Those evading breakfasts chew up fast food that obstructs their weight loss dreams.


If you don’t eat your breakfast, you will feel tired and languid. Then, you will want to eat something before lunch. Away from home and usually short on time, you will most probably eat up unhealthy, fatty food. So don’t sidestep having a healthy, nutritious breakfast. A healthy breakfast actually sets you up for the day. It provides all the valuable nutrients you need to keep you going. Therefore, you must have a breakfast that is rich in fibers and fruits. It will also help maintain your weight and boost your weight loss prospects.


It can be really tough to lose weight and even tougher to maintain it at a steady, acceptable reading. The thought that 95% of people actually regain the weight they previously lost can be discouraging. But you can be part of the rare five percent. Actually, for lifelong changes, you must make certain lifestyle choices and stick with them all the way. For your weight loss plan to work, you should step on the scale regularly to monitor your progress. Also, keep tabs on the foods you eat. Consume a low calorie, low-fat diet. Refrain from unhealthy food items like fatty fast food and junk food. Secondly, stepping on the treadmill is just as important as keeping an eye on your diet. Don’t fret, keep moving, keep going and one day you will be as lean as you dream.

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