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Introduction To Testosterone


Testosterone is an important male sex hormone which enters into positive metabolism.
Testosterone is a four ring carbon compound which is called an anabolic steroid. This is a kind of androgen.

Testosterone is metabolized mainly in the liver. It is derived from cholesterol and many hormones are derived from it.

The age of testosterone in the human blood is about 8 hours.

It is responsible for human health. It is responsible for muscle mass, bone mass and other diseases of the bones. It plays a key role in red blood cells formation and sexual organs healthy formation.

  • Excretion of testosterone from the body in urine approximately 90%.
  • Testosterone not only found in human but also found most of the vertebrates.
  • As a matter of fact, it is found in human females but in very less proportion than males.
  • Mainly testosterone is produced in testes in males and in ovaries in females.
  • As a matter of interest, testosterone decreases with age in men and increases with age in women.
  • Testosterone can be used as a medicine in males for many types of sexual dysfunction e.g, weak erections, less desire to perform sex, early ejaculation etc.
  • There are many different ways to get testosterone as a medicine, as oral administration, as a rubbing medicine on the skin, or as an injection.

How To Increase Testosterone With Daily Dietary Articles Or Methods?

Testosterone Production Age
Testosterone Production Age
  1. Many diets which are helpful to boost testosterone are available in the market

    A good digestion has no problem with any type of food, the testosterone is produced in normal routine, although some diets are more helpful to produce testosterone. Diets rich in proteins e.g meat, beef, fish, chicken. Eggs are also a good source to boost testosterone.
    Milk is another great diet for health and to produce testosterone.

  2. Sleep

    Sleep AT NIGHT is a good practice for whole health and testosterone is produced during sleep with a normal sleep.

  3. Vegetable

    Many vegetables and vegetable origin seeds are helpful to produce testosterone e.g. beans.
    Raw beans are poisonous until they are cooked properly.

  4. Herbs

    Many herbs are good for the production of testosterone. Although proper dosages are established for every herb, a very small quantity of medicinal herbs is used for this purpose.
    Some common herbal products are as under,
    Avina Sativa extract.
    It can be obtained from anywhere easily.
    I prefer one drop dose daily in water.
    (Alcoholic extract).
    Avina Sativa not only useful for the production of testosterone but also it is valuable in approximately every disease. This is not poisonous.

  5. Ginseng

    This is a very famous product, available in the market with the instructions labeled.

  6. Tribulus Terristris

    Tribulus is an Indian herb.
    Alcoholic extract is easily accessible and available.
    It is marketed as a powder also.

  7. Stinging Nettle

    Stinging nettle is a strong medicinal herb, it has many advantages and uses other than the production of testosterone.

  8. Metals

    Copper, zinc, and magnesium are the nutritional metals, They have many useful activities for human health. Testosterone is one of them.

  9. Exercise


    Running Exercise
    Running Exercise

    Exercise is a good activity for human health. It helps in reducing cholesterol, Weight Loss, and muscular development, and production of testosterone.
    Exercise keeps someone busy and happy.
    Testosterone is produced by exercise.
    Exercise keeps heart and arteries healthy.
    Exercise is extremely necessary for human health.
    Ultimately exercise causes testosterone production, which is the greatest aim of man.
    Running, walking fast, lifting weights for a time repeatedly and constantly.
    Exercise needs regularity and continuity.
    Difference Between Exercise And Exertion
    When during a work, body temperature is raised and heartbeat increases, it is called exercise, e.g. Running, fast walking, weight lifting, etc. You are happy after exercise.
    When during a work, body temperature remains normal and heartbeat does not increase, it is called exertion and after this, you feel tiredness and unhappiness e.g. .office work, household work cooking, washing etc.

  10. Fasting

    It means remain hungry for a day or more by one’s own will.
    Fasting and exercise have the same results of burning cholesterol, weight loss and the increase in testosterone.
    It has many health benefits and it is a strong method for the production of testosterone.

  11. Sugar And Fruits

    Sugar has been proved as a poison and injurious to health.
    Use fruits and dry fruits instead of sugar.
    Leaving sugar and eating fruits are double edge beneficial for the whole health and testosterone.

  12. Alcohol

    Modern science disclosed and proved that the intake of alcohol is injurious to health and especially testosterone.

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