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Causes And Treatment Of Obesity

Obesity Global Epidemic

What Is Obesity:

When a person becomes overweight and having a lot of body fat referred to be obese. It is a very common problem in United States, United Kingdom and estimated in the whole world from adults two children. Obesity caused in an age of 10 to forward.

Definition Of Obesity


A person health classified by too many ways according to their weight. But mostly used is (BMI) Body Mass Index. BMI is a measurement of your height in relation to your weight. To use BMI healthy weight calculator following conditions must be followed.

For Adults BMI is

  1. 18.5 to 24.9 means that your weight is healthy
  2. 25 to 29.9 means that you are overweight
  3. 30 to 39.9 means you are obese
  4. 40 or above means you are highly obese

For diagnosing audacity BMI is frequently used because some people are very muscular, have high BMI without any excess fat. But in most conditions, BMI is a very useful indication of your healthy weight overweight or obese. A better measure of your excess fat is the circumference of your waist. Which can be highly used in peoples for the measurement of their weight.

Generally, a man with a waste of 94 can or 37 inches and in women with a waist of 80 CM or about 31.5 inches are likely to be facing obesity-related health problems in there further life.

Risks Of Obesity

If you are obese that is very important to take steps to tackle your obesity problems. Because it causes a change in your Physical health, it can also lead a number of potential and serious life-threatening conditions such as:

It also, affect your quality of life and also on your physiological problems and conditions such as you have to see many changes in your emotions senses like depression low self-esteem etc


Obesity Causes
Obesity Causes

There are too many Causes of obesity, generally when a person consuming more calories as well as fats and sugary foods above your daily requirement than required calories burn off excess energy is stored in the body as fat. Nowadays it is a very common problem because of modern living conditions involved eating an excessive amount of high-calorie food, spending a lot of time at chairs in cars and public places and without any physical exercise and physical works.


Treatment of Obesity
Treatment of Obesity

There are too many ways to treat obesity such as eat healthy reduced calorie diet and maintain your physical works. Exercise is also very helpful and you take interest in fast walking, jogging, swimming and participating in a support for 2 to 4 hours in a week. When you eat, eat slowly. Manage unhandled situations of overweight like in functions, weddings, and parties.

Obesity Might Lead To Other Problems

Problems with a manageable with obesity are breathlessness, increased sweating, difficulty doing physical activity. Often feeling very tired and back pain, low confidence, and self-esteem, feeling isolated, depression and snoring.

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