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Health Issues Due To Blood In Semen

Blood in Semen

Hematospermia In Health

Blood in semen contains specific facts following

  • This process called Hematospermia ( bleeding in semen).
  • Most Common cause of hematospermia is a prostate biopsy.
  • Tumors, infections, stones, anatomical abnormalities in genitourinary system cause bleeding in semen
  • Blood in semen is benign and often resolve to own its own.
  • Sometimes it’s too limited there’s no need for specific treatment also called self-limited.

Common Possible Conditions Of Hematospermia

Urethritis: in this condition urethra or tube which is come which come from bladder to outside of human body become inflamed.

Prostatitis: This is inflammation of Prostate gland. Gland is responsible for the production of secretions, so the inflammation sometimes produces blood which is often thrown wintothe flow of semen.

Orchitis: This is the inflammation of the testicles. This inflammation is caused by viral infection or sometimes bacterial infection. Commonly caused by mumps virus.

Torsion of Testes: Testicular torsion held when the spermatic cord become twisted. It causes the restriction in the flow of blood to the testes. It sometimes causes high pain.

Epididymitis: Epididymitis is the inflammation of the epididymis, basically it is a tube located on the back of testicles. So when inflammation caused the blood produce and flow throw the passage.

Fewer Causes

  • High or Severe blood pressure (hypertension) can cause hematospermia
  • Sometimes due to any injury blood clotting process held by this bleeding is produced
  • Any type of Cancer also leading this problem like prostate cancer, bladder cancer, testicular cancer.
  • Seminal vesicle (small stones in vesicle) producing this problem.

Very Rare Causes

If abnormal protein build-up in your organs

Also caused by benign growths like cysts in bladder and urethra

Tuberculosis also caused this

Testicular infection is most rare cause

Most Important About Hematospermia

In hematospermia these following points must be considered.

In a day how many time you noticed the blood in your semen

Also noticed any other symptom according to your age factor and your medical history. You make certain things likely to check your blood pressure, abdomen test (belly) and also genitals, urine and blood tests

Medical Treatment

Any of medical procedure on the body and organ often caused blood in semen, for a rough idea five out of six men facing this problem after prostate biopsy. Treatment of urinary problems also causes trauma leading hematospermia. This procedure normally disappears after several weeks. Vasectomy, radiation procedures, several injections can cause bleeding. In human many duct tubes and tiny tubes blocked in the reproductive system and then blood vessels cause minute bleeding this condition is called BPH in this prostate become large and urethra pinched.

How To Diagnose Blood In Semen

Diagnose blood in Semen
Diagnose blood in Semen

To diagnose this type of problem doctor, first of all, take your medical history checked, including your recent sexual activity, doctor also performed a physical test. This will include test of genitals, swelling of the reproductive system, and also include digital rectal exam and Doctor also asked you for the following tests

To identify infection and inflammation and other abnormalities urine culture and urinalysis, test for sexual transmitted test STD is also suspected. Doctor also ask you for condom test to check the possibility of blood in semen according to your life partner like menstrual blood. Also asked you for PSA testing, this is the test of test for prostate cancer.

Doctor will also ask you for other urological tests like CT scan, MRI, and ultrasound.

Treatment For Blood In Semen

These are following treatments held for the remedy for this disorder

  • biotics used to resecure this problem
  • Doctor also asked you to take anti. inflammatory medication to cure the inflammation procedure
  • Doctor will treat the condition if high blood pressure and liver diseases found

In a young man blood in semen found only once or twice if there is no additional disorder found. If you face repeated facing the blood in semen then it also caused pain which is more powerful. Also painful to your ejaculatory conditions and urinary system. After your medical test there found prostate cancer then it becomes riskier because there is more chance to spread to other parts of your body.

If You Are More Than 40

Then blood repeatedly generates and may bleed persist for several weeks. You also faced the pain urinary system. Then more chance to occur cancer or any serious dis.order. you must be more responsible for following procedures

  • You must prevent from interrupted sex
  • Also checked for genital herpes
  • Excessive masturbation and consecutive sexual activity

Also prevent your body from excessive radiations, or external beams, and make sure that any surgery also stimulates this type of disorders.

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