Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan: What To Know About Plan

Today, asthma becomes one of the most common diseases happen to many people. Asthma can happen to children, teens, adults and old people. Asthma can be worsening if you do not treat it as soon as possible. Because asthma belongs to the treatable disease, it is very important to know how to treat it. Therefore, there is what is called asthma action plan. It is one of the best interventions for asthma available today. So, it is very interesting and important to discuss more about it.

The Purposes Asthma Action Plan

Before we talk farther, you need to know why we should write this action plan. For your information, it functions to help anyone with asthma or has the risk of asthma. Besides that, it also gives the clear instructions related to what to do. Based on the asthma action plan purposes above, we can say that it is very important because it is useful for asthma management. It comes with a template where you can download it via online.

The Uses of Asthma Action Plans

There are many uses of this action plan. Firstly, it uses to reduce absence from school or work. Besides that, it can also reduce the admissions of the hospital. Then, this also uses to reduce emergency visit to general practices. In addition, it may also reduce the use of reliever medication. Lastly, written asthma action plan will increase the lung functions. Doctors must consider developing this action plan when they discuss about asthma management with anyone with asthma disease or asthma cares. So, the patients can feel the benefits of this action plan.

How an Asthma Action Plan Works

The aim of this action plan is to help those who have asthma take early actions to prevent or at least reduce the severity of asthma disease. It may be based on the symptoms/peak expiratory flow measurements. It is also individualized based on the pattern of asthma. Once completed, this asthma action plan should be given to the patients or those who have asthma so that they can care for the asthma condition. For children, it should be given to their parents. Then, the parents give a copy to the pre-school, school, or childcare facility.

What Does an Asthma Action Plan Include?

This action plan may suit different persons. However, the action plans must have the same main features. Firstly, it should be in a written format. Besides that, it should also be prescribed individually. Still related to asthma action plan features, it should contain any information which allows the patients to recognize exacerbations. Lastly, it must contain information on the action that should be taken. In addition, there are some basic details that include date, the name of the patient, and contact details of the doctor. Sometimes, it also includes the contact person of the patient’s care.

There are many plans that follow a traffic light system to assess the severity of exacerbation. Whatever the system you use, the response plan must cover these. The first is maintenance or preventer therapy where it relates to the regular medication doses & frequencies. The second is treating exacerbations where it relates to how to adjust the treatment of particular signs & symptoms. The third is managing improved severity where it relates to when to seek medical advices and start oral corticosteroids. The last are danger signs. It relates to when & how to get urgent medical help.

Peak Expiratory Flow Measurement

PEF measurement in this action plan is very beneficial for those who have asthma and also people who are not aware of limited airflow symptoms. When this PEF is used, this action plan must be based on the personal best, not predicted values. What to keep in mind is that this measurement is not for kids under 12 years old.

Anaphylaxis, Allergic Reaction & Eczema Action Plans

Action plan is not only designed for asthma. The Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy develops the action plan range for anaphylaxis, allergic reactions and also eczema. That is all what you have to know about asthma action plan. Now, you know the importance of this action plan. Hopefully, this will be useful especially for those who have asthma.

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