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Pregnancy Massage: Every Mother Needs to Know

Pregnancy Massage

Are you expecting a baby inside your womb? If you are pregnant for the first time in your life, learning all about pregnancy becomes a must thing to do. Speaking about that, have you ever heard of pregnancy massage? As clearly as how it sounds, it is the massage you can take during pregnancy. While you know that massage is good for the health of your body, there have been pros and cons about it. Let’s talk some more about it here.

What Pregnancy Massage Really Is to Know

To learn more about this massage, we have to start from its definition itself. Going by the definition, this massage is actually the general term used to refer to any hands-on massage both during and after pregnancy. Still, they are called specifically different from each other. Antenatal Perineal massage is what you call one during pregnancy, while postnatal massage is what after it. There are all sorts of things that are used to assist in massaging.

There is pregnancy massage table to accommodate the pregnant stomach of a woman. That way, while the mother is being massaged, the baby will stay safe. Other than that, massage practitioners might also use bolsters. They are specifically designed pillows meant to position pregnant women on her side comfortably for them and safely for the baby inside her. With the massage lasting for one hour long, every mother to be can still reap the benefits of massage even during their pregnancy.

What Mother to Be Can Truly Benefit from It

You know massage has many benefits to offer. However, it is not always the case in every massage there is. When it comes to it in pregnancy, there are only small studies done to find out its benefits so far. So, it is hard to tell the true benefits of this massage. We can’t say for sure, but there are some possible positive effects to get from it. First, than anything, we can say that back and leg pain would be decreased by having pregnancy massage.

Pregnant women carry baby in their womb after all. So, it would strain the back and the legs. Getting massaged should reduce the pain significantly. Pregnancy massage treatment can also reduce anxiety. With it, you should feel less stressed as well. Based on certain study, it is said that this massage can decrease levels of stress hormone noradrenaline after all. Also, since it helps you reduce the stress, you should be able to have a better night sleep. It sure has a lot to benefit from.

Is Massage Safe for Pregnant Women to Take?

Pregnant Woman
Pregnant Woman

Now that you know what the massage really is and the possible positive effects it brings with, you have to ask whether or not it really is safe to be done. You see, it is not so uncommon to find doctors who hesitate to advice pregnant women to take it. Many massage therapists would not even agree to give you any massage during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Massage for pregnant women is not something easy to decide on after all.

It is because many people believe that there is potential for miscarriage coming from it. Since there has been no research to prove it true and it is not uncommon to have miscarriage during the first trimester though, many massage therapists argue that the massage itself would not cause such thing to you. If you wish to take it during pregnancy, be sure to consider doing it after your first trimester just to be safe. If you don’t want to take the risk, then you should consider doing it after pregnancy.


Indeed, it must have been relaxing to have pregnancy massage if you imagine it. However, there sure are lots of pros and cons that come with it. So, it is hard to tell whether the massage is safe or not. However, we can say that at the very least you can take the massage after your first trimester to prevent potential miscarriage. It is all the safer to just take it after giving birth to your baby inside.

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