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Most Effective Weight Loss Foods

Weight Loss Foods

Prelude To Weight Loss Foods

They say the solution to every problem lies hidden within the seeds of its root cause. This is especially true for obesity that can be treated by eating the proper weight loss foods. You don’t need to eat less or eat nothing to lose weight but rather, you need to eat right. Planning a healthy diet and then sticking to it are the secrets to a lean figure in this write-up, we provide a list of the most easily available weight loss foods.

As we know, Obesity can lead to various health problems such as Diabetes, heart attack, etc. So, if you think that you are too fat, you have to lose your weight as soon as possible. Losing weight is not easy because doing exercise is not enough. You also need to plan your daily foods well. You have to make sure that your foods can meet the nutrients needed and also contain low fat or other bad nutrients. If you are not sure about what you should eat, you can consider the following weight loss foods.

  • Mushrooms
  • Eggs
  • Apples
  • Soup
  • Oatmeal
  • Hot Chile Pepper
  • Almonds

So Here Are Weight Loss Foods In Detail :


According to researchers, mushrooms can make people satisfied like if they eat beef or other meats. Of course, mushrooms are better because they belong to vegetables. Besides giving the nutrients needed for weight loss, mushrooms also belong to low calorie and low-fat foods. That is why mushrooms are considered as one of the most recommended weight loss meals. You can eat mushrooms with your desired recipes. Plan various recipes to prevent boredom with this vegetable.


In the past, doctors believed that eggs were rich in cholesterol. But recent studies have restored their reputation. Now they are thought to be rich in protein and nutrients. The egg yolk contains all the nutrients. During a study, a group of women ate an egg for breakfast regularly. They reported improved health and a lower tendency to overeat for many decades to come. It is a food that can make you feel full without taking a lot of calories

Eggs become one of the most popular menus for breakfast, especially for those who have weight loss diet. It is not without any reason. In fact, eggs do not only make you satisfied longer but also lose your weight. Besides that, eggs can also be combined with different foods such as salad, powder, etc. Even more, you can also make a snack from eggs. Based on the nutrients contained, eggs become one of the biggest sources of protein where it is very important for weight loss. Therefore, eggs should be included in your weight loss diet foods.


An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

If you don’t know what its mean exactly you should try an apple daily then you will understand better. There are many diet experts who suggest dieters eat fruits. As we know, fruits are low calorie and fat. Besides that, fruits also contain various vitamins and other nutrients needed for weight loss. One of the best fruits for weight loss is apple. A medium apple contains 4 grams of fibers and 95 calories. A study tells that fiber is very useful to prevent weight gain and boost weight loss. So, you can lose your weight by eating apples every day. Anyway, apples become one of the most effective weight loss foods. Besides, the taste is also delicious.


One of the most delicious meals is soup. Almost all people love eating soup because of the deliciousness. More than the delicious factor, soup is also recommended because of other benefits especially related to weight loss purpose. A research shows that people who eat vegetable soup intake fewer calories up to 20 percent. As we know, calories become one of the biggest factors leading to weight gain. With fewer calories, you can lose your weight faster. So, you must include soup to your favorite meals especially during weight loss diet.



Oatmeal is also considered as one of the top foods for weight loss because it belongs to slow-release carbohydrate. It can help you burn fat faster. So, I recommend you to eat oatmeal about 3 hours before doing exercise. Besides that, a study also shows that oatmeal can lower blood sugar and insulin level where it is very useful for weight loss diet, too. You can make your own desired recipe of oatmeal because different people may love different flavors.

Hot Chile Pepper

The next recommended food that will help you lose body weight is hot Chile pepper. A study shows that consuming hot peppers about 3 minutes before having meals can help you feel less hungry. So, you will eat less up to 10 percent. Hot Chile peppers can be enjoyed in forms of juice or capsules. It depends on your desire. However, if you have a digestion problem, I do not recommend this food.


Expert researchers conclude that dieters should eat almonds. They also recommend you chew 2 ounces of almonds 10 up to 40 times because chewing more will curb hunger. Besides that, you will also feel full longer than usual. Then, you can eat less that leads to weight loss. Almonds are also rich in nutrients where it will be very beneficial for your health. Anyway, it is recommended so much for your weight loss foods.

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