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Stress Management: Healthy Ways To Cope With Stress

Stress Management

What Is PTSD/Stress:

Stress is of many types. The common type is due to a load of work or any other pressure conditions. It can eliminate by proper treatment within a week or two. But the stress in which the condition is becoming worst day by day then this type is named as PTSD.

PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is the type which is due to the terrifying event. Mental condition is also get affected by it. It is the result of unforgettable events which you witnessed physically or in dreams. The health of such patients is also get affected.

Healthy Ways To Cope With Stress:

Stress is normal mostly in teenage and adult age people. At this age, the burden of work and studies are at its peak. There are many healthy ways through which pressure can be handled. Due to it people can’t eat and sleep well. Therefore to avoid  all you can do is to take care of the following tips:

  • One should eat healthily and try to take a balanced diet
  • Work out on a daily basis is also important. Because proper exercising makes you feel fresh and healthy.
  • If you have a lot of work, don’t pressurize yourself. Try to manage your work and divide it to make your mind stressfree.
  • Try to sleep properly. don’t over think while at the time of sleeping
  • If still, you are under stress then talk to your close ones. Share your feelings with them.
  • Avoid listening to or watching those things that cause stress

Physical Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety:

How do you know that you are suffering from stress and anxiety? A person that is going through these disorders have symptoms like:

  • Depression
  • Chest pain
  • Late night sleeping
  • Can’t feel hungry

Above are the symptoms of normal stress. The patient of PTSD has the following sign:

  • Can’t sleep properly
  • Faced anxiety of severe kind
  • Nightmares
  • Flashbacks
  • Show the physical reaction to the person or in a situation that is related to bad events

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Causes Of stress:

Stress is of different types. Some are generating due to the heavy work which you should have to complete in a given deadline. Or you have assigned a specific task which you can’t do easily. It is also due to overthinking. But another kind of it like PTSD is due to those events that are unforgettable are difficult to erase from the mind and thoughts. When you go through some strategic situations then these situations produce a very bad impact on the mind and cause PTSD. Sexual violence is also one of the causes.

Signs Of Stress

Signs Of Stress
Signs Of Stress

The thing that is mostly affected health is stress. The person affected by it reflects signs below:

  • At the start of the day, every person is full of energy but the stressful person has no energy and looks dull
  • Suffering from headache
  • Feels the pressure on the heart or chest
  • Not taking interest in any work
  • Can’t eat and sleep properly
  • Blood pressure increasing or decreasing day by day
  • React immediately

Stress Management

There are a lot of techniques through which you can easily manage your stress and work efficiently like before. By acting upon some of the activities you can easily get rid of it. The main thing that you should do to manage your stress is to identify its type. After identifying the kind immediately contact to any physiotherapist. through therapies, you can work better and think better efficiently. The very next thing you should do is to take anti relaxing medicines. These will helps in to make the mind relax and free from useless thoughts. Do exercise regularly to keep your mind and health fit.

Stress Relieve:

Along with stress management activities, taking relieve from it is also necessary. To get relieved you only require to do certain things which will make you free from pressure and provide relief as well.

What you should do in order to catch relieve from it? Just follow the steps below:

  • All the steps that are mentioned above follow them regularly.
  • In addition to these activities, one thing you should do is to write down the things due to which you get stress. When you write all those aspects that will make your mind stressful and also affect your health then you can easily try remedies to eliminate these points from your life. Removing all the harmful aspects of your routine life will provide you with relieve and make your health better.


In short, stress not only affects your mind but also your health. In order to keep yourself healthy and strong, you should make your mind free from the worries and find methods to remove your problems instead of taking the stress. But if you are suffering from it, follow the above remedies and activities to keep yourself active and healthy. Try to communicate more with your friends and family to keep your mind sound and happy.

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