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Social Anxiety Disorder: Symptoms & Treatment

Social Anxiety Disorder

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a type of disorder that is related to social society. You can also name it as social disorder or agoraphobia. Today, we are living in such type of society where communication is an essential part. Social disorder people find it difficult to do public dealing or exchange information with other unknown people. They try to quickly escape from that environment where they found a group of non-familiar people. The environment makes them uncomfortable and they quickly rush from such surroundings. In short, to avoid crowd and contact with people is known as a SAD.

Social Anxiety Causes

How agoraphobia caused? This is not by birth disorder. This order generally takes place at the teenage when you need to communicate with people. Children who are shy by birth find difficulty to interact with their surrounding. This is due to a lack of confidence. When the parents and other elder siblings do not recognize that problem in their child then this disease grows along with that child. At the adult age, the social disorder becomes permanent and also affect health. Although this disease is not physically visible like you cannot see any wounds on the person affected by agoraphobia. But this affects the health of that person that is suffering from an anxiety disorder.

The ratio of women is more than men. It is because some societies do not allow women to communicate with strangers. It is necessary for everyone to develop communication skills. The lack of making communication skill cause social anxiety disorder or agoraphobia.

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Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

The symptoms of social anxiety disorder are very obvious. Followings are some of the vibrant symptoms:

Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms
Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms
  • The agoraphobia affected person cannot leave their room easily. They found great difficulty in going out of their home and try to be in a specific place.
  • Social disorder people avoid long waiting lines. Because they are suffering from social disorder so they sidestep themselves from any place full of people who are unknown.
  • Another symptom is that they do not like open places like shopping malls, wedding events and any other gathering that involve a number of people.
  • Along with open places they also don’t like close or small places. Such type of places are also full of people and make them uncomfortable so they also avoid such an atmosphere that is open or pack.
  • Difficulty in traveling like in buses, trains, airplanes, ships, etc.. Also is the symptoms of social.

Other signs and symptoms include:

  • Fast heartbeat
  • Suffered from chest pain or pressure on it
  • Shaking of body or feeling chill
  • Stomach gets upset and sometimes diarrhea
  • Thinking of dying

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Two types of treatment that deals with social society disorder that is:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication

In psychotherapy, a therapist is involved. The therapist examines a patient and finds the method to treat them. They set certain types of goals and let the patient do some practical activities that help in reducing the anxiety of the patient. By adopting cognitive behavior therapist reduces the anxiety in which they introduce methods and tricks to handle anxiety.

The other way is through medication. By providing medicines to the patient social disorder is also treated.

  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-anxiety medication
  • These are the two different types of medicines that are provided to the agoraphobia affected people. Antidepressants work more quickly than anti-anxiety medicines.

Social Anxiety And Depression

Stress Anxiety
Stress Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder and depression own a very strong relationship with each other. The person that has social anxiety disorder also faces depression in the future. Social disorder patient avoids going in public places but sometimes it is necessary to communicate with people. Due to this fear of communication, the patient goes in depression. This depression affects the brain and results in stress or suicide. Therefore it is necessary to control social anxiety disorder in order to get rid of depression.

Social Anxiety Therapy

Social anxiety therapy is the way to treat the who are suffering from a social disorder. These therapies consist of 9 to 12 sessions. Therapist plan how to treat such type of patients that are going through depression, stress, lack of confidence, heart stress and many other diseases just because of social anxiety disorder. Through therapy, the therapist tries to enhance the confidence of the patient and develop those skills that will help to face all the conditions that are the source of fear.

Social Anxiety Disorder Test

How you find out that you are suffering from a social anxiety disorder or not? For this, there are many online line test. These online tests take your 3 to 5 minutes. After answering some questions the result shows that you are agoraphobia affected or not. There are also many visible symptoms which help to understand that a particular person has agoraphobia. The most common signs are:

  • Feeling nervous in crowded places
  • Can’t sit comfortably among a group of people
  • Avoid doing phone calls in public
  • Do not talk to strangers easily
  • Face panic attacks
  • Doing some action again and again like drinking water in an excessive amount


Hence it is true that health is greatly affected by a social anxiety disorder. Therefore it is necessary to do its treatment immediately in order to get rid of it. Do medication and contact psychotherapist which helps to eliminate social anxiety disorder.

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