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Amnesia: Types, Symptoms And Causes


What Is Amnesia?

Amnesia is commonly known as memory loss. The reason of memory loss can be an emotional or physiological disorder, drugs abusement or Brian injuries. The memory loss can be temporary or permanent but mostly refers to temporary memory loss.

Is Amnesia Real?

In the present time, there are so many researches which show that there were so many cases of fake amnesia disease which have recorded. Researches show that there have been so many patients who claimed that they are suffering from amnesia syndrome but when they diagnosis, the reports, and their actions show that they are normal, and they have healthier memory, they are doing fake drama’s of memory loss just for of pretty attention. Real amnestic syndrome diagnosis patients have no memory and that patients further divided into temporary memory loss or permanent memory loss. Some patients forget their general information such as their name, where they live or family information, They remember all the current event but they can’t recall their older memory. Some of them remember their childhood memory which includes their friends and family information but they can’t develop new memories.

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Memory Loss

Amnesia caused by brain damage, psychological trauma and it’s also caused by a high dose of drugs. People who are addicted to drugs there is 80% chances they will lose their memory. The memory loss can be short term memory loss or long term memory loss.

Types Of Amnesia

There is mainly two types of amnesia:

  1. Retrograde Amnesia
  2. Anterograde Amnesia
Amnesia Types
Amnesia Types

Retrograde Amnesia

People who are going through Retrograde amnesia are unable to recall the past memories after the event occur. People with this type of memory loss don’t remember their past memories. They just remember the present events. They don’t recognize past people, their family members friends and so much about their past, and doctor advice their families and friends that they don’t give them pressure to recall their memories.

Anterograde Amnesia

People who are going through Anterograde amnesia are unable to create new memories, They live in past memories. They don’t remember much about the present event. They just remember their past and they spent their life on the base of the past.

Amnesia Symptoms

The most common Amnestic syndrome symptom is forgetfulness, the forgetfulness episodes may continue for a long time or may for a short period. The initial symptoms of the amnestic syndrome are:

  • People facing difficulties to recall their past memory.
  • People facing difficulties to remember their present activity.

Causes Of Amnesia

The function of the brain consists of many parts which are the sign of healthy memory, but if some other parts are injured or affected by savior injuries or psychological trauma or abuse of alcohol or drugs can cause amnesia diseases which affect your memory, ability of your thinking and doing anything. The cause of amnestic syndromes are:

  • Benzodiazepine: midazolam, lorazepam, flunitrazepam, lorazepam, temazepam, nitrazepam, they do amnestic effects.
  • Psychological trauma: one of the most biggest causes of the amnestic syndrome is an emotional disorder which affects your brain parts such as hippocampus which causes memory loss.


The causes and the symptoms show that amnestic syndrome is a savior brain diseases which affect our memory and the memory loss can be short term memory loss or long term memory loss, people who are facing amnestic syndrome are going toward hardship in their lives just because they never gave them first priority when they face difficulties in their lives they choose high drugs doses and alcohol to support them and some choose death over their life and the result is brain damage or savior injuries on their brain or on their lives because God knows better for us.

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