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Deciding The Most Suitable Exercise!

Most Suitable Exercise

Here at the start, we will give you an introduction to exercise. Doing a workout can be so much fun and exciting. It all comes to choosing the most suitable workout routine. The decision depends on the reason why are you exercising, how much money and time do you want to invest in it. Decide a routine that suits your desired level of intensity, environment, and diet.

Motivation Behind Exercise

There can be various reasons for doing exercise. Some do it to relax and to destress their routine. Others do it to meet new people and learn new things. However, the majority do it for weight reasons. Either one wants to:

  • Lose weight
  • Maintain weight
  • Gain weight
  • Tone up the body
  • Attain a muscular look and alter the body shape

Below, we shall discuss different types of exercises. This insight shall assist you to decide which routine is the most suitable for you.

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Yoga is an Indian originated set of exercise poses combined with meditation practices. Research proves Yoga to be the most liked exercise form of Americans. It is rather a subject more than just an exercise. Yoga makes the body and mind work together and gives a relaxation impact. Consisting of chakras and asanas, the major benefits include strength and flexibility. Through intense stretching, it works around centralizing your body with the center of gravity. It should be learned from professional Yogis for the best results.

Walking/ Jogging/ Running Exercise

Aerobic Running Exercise
Aerobic Running Exercise

The simpler is the best. After yoga, running is the most common exercise that Americans choose as their daily routine workout. It is a form of cardio exercise. Most significant features of running are:

  • It means it burns a lot of calories during the process.
  • Other than assisting in weight loss, running has major benefits of improving lung capacity.
  • As it is a form of cardio, running increases the heart functions.
  • From weight loss point of view, it may serve as an intense warm-up.
  • It is quite effective in toning up lower limbs.
  • People with displaced knees or affected hip joints should NOT practice running.


Swimming is a low impact workout with merged benefits of cardio and strength training. Doing swimming 30 minutes a day at least 3 times a week gives high power results. Being a low impact one, it is particularly advisable to adapt to swimming as a routine exercise for aged people. It is equally recommended for people with week bones.

It’s one of the best ways to be mobile while taking care of all parts of your body.

Strength Training

Squat Exercise
Squat Exercise

As the name implies, the exercise type focusses on strengthening skeletal muscles. For the very purpose, it uses the resistance along with the muscular contractions. People doing strength training uses weight and perform a set of specific exercises.

Like other exercises, initial warm-up and post-workout stretching are necessary for it as well. You may explore different shapes and sizes of weights such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and other mechanical equipment. For body toning, different further types have been classified to be chosen from. Most famous ones are:

  1. Bench press
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Squats
  4. Dips
  5. Deadlifts


Pilates is one of the most practices exercise world-wide. It is named after its founder. Using special apparatus, pilates focuses on physical strength, maintaining appropriate body posture and improving body flexibility. It is also a low-impact workout. It revolves around the concept of muscular strengthening and core balance.

The highlighted benefits of pilates are the whole trunk working. Not only abs but the core, back, hips and a part of the lower and upper body is a part of the mat exercise. Make yourself familiar with the used apparatus, mat and other practices of the type of exercise to perform better and get closer to your body goals.


Zumba Dance
Zumba Dance

It is the most fun type of exercise. Zumba is basically an aerobic combination of dance and exercise. Basically, it is of American Latin origin. Later, it is modified in different world regions for their personalized versions. It combines the steps of dances and cardio workouts.

The fun part is it is performed synchronized with the beats of music. It is specifically helpful for the people who get bored easily following the same set of reps. The dance steps and music background distracts the performer from counting the time and repetitions. Mostly, Zumba is performed in a group.

Exercise At Home

The biggest hindrance in doing a workout is going out. For people with this problem, the new innovative trend is walking at home workout. It involves following the video tutorials and doing the same steps as the instructor does. The steps are performed standing at a specific place while moving your all limbs. Different types are available like 1 mile, 2 miles, and 3 miles. The number of miles indicates that the workout shall be equivalent to walking this number of miles.


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You can always join a gym and enjoy the comfort of using the machines under the supervision of instructors. The available options there are:

  • Running machine
  • Upright cycle
  • Elliptical trainer
  • Spinner bike
  • Stepper


Define your goals and choose a workout type accordingly. It all varies in intensity, impact and target areas of the body. You can always customize the standard repetitions and adapt it as relevant to your own routine. Just don’t let the motivation go. Be persistent. Exercise and regular workout keep many diseases away. It also maintains general health conditions. Getting professional help in this regard will prove to be the best investment for your weight and body goals.

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