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Dementia Stages And Symptoms Briefly Explained


Dementia Stages And Symptoms

The basic symptom of dementia is memory loss. Dementia has seven broad stages, in early-stage, the person has a feeling that he is not participating in his daily life routine. He feels that he is facing difficulties doing his home chores and participation at work.

The person is also unable to handle “numbers”. In the middle stage, the person is forgetting recent events. Person and the people of his surroundings have known that he is forgetting recent activity and in his mind, there is a picture in which he remembers all the past things that include his childhood memory but he is forgetting his recent memory. 

In the last stage, the person is no longer to recognize the familiar things that are his family members, his favorite food, or places. In the last stage, the person needs 24/7 supervision and he is unable to do his personal works and the person can’t recognize dangers too. Here we are going to discuss the stages and symptoms in detail.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is not a disease it’s a symptom of the wider category of brain diseases that makes a stronger chance that person will be going toward long term memory loss. The long term memory loss causes  Alzheimer’s  or other savior brain diseases. The person diagnosed with this disease has facing emotional phases, lack of motivation, and unable to handle themselves.

Dementia VS Alzheimer

In the previous definition, I already told you about dementia is a wider category of brain diseases.

Alzheimer’s develop by degenerated neurons of the brain (cortex and hippocampus)

Lewy Body Dementia

Lewy dementia is a disease corresponding with the abnormal intake of protein called  alpha-synuclein  affected by chemicals the person who’s suffering from Lewy dementia has facing changes of mood thinking ability and to do different task.

Early Stages Of Dementia

Dementia Stages
Dementia Stages

People from this stage are forgetting unimportant details. Because many of us do not remember unfamiliar or unnecessary details in our daily life.

Basic 4 Stages

  1. No cognitive Decline: In this stage, the person has a normal life in which he has no memory functionality issues. He can do all the tasks normally.
  2. Very Mild cognitive Decline: In this stage, a person is forgetting unnecessary or unfamiliar things which are normal generally caused by aging.
  3. Mild cognitive Decline: In the third stage person’s forgetfulness chances increases day by day and the person’s love ones know that he is facing difficulties in finding numbers or words.
  4. Moderate Cognitive Decline: In this stage, a person is forgetting recent activities the person has to face recent event memory loss or feels conscious or nervous to travel alone or facing difficulties in numbers.

Severe Last 3 Stages

  1. Moderately Severe Cognitive Decline: In the fifth stage, person is unable to do their works by themselves. People going from this stage has face to unremembered their name, phone number, or other common information.
  2. Severe Cognitive Decline: People from this stage need others assistance to do their works they cannot even eat or drink by themselves. They have facing difficulties in communication
  3. Very Severe Cognitive Decline: People from this stage are unable to communicate. They need full-time someone’s attention or care because people from this stage has no recent memory. They just remember their childhood memory.

Symptoms Of Dementia

The first symptom of dementia starts with people forgetting things. They think it’s normal but it’s not after forgetfulness chapter has started. They forget all the relevant or most important information about their daily task. Facing unpredictable emotional chapters and also facing hardship to do their works by their own selves.

Early Stage Dementia Symptoms

People who surpassing from the early stage of dementia they are unable to do their daily life activities. They face abrupt changes in their moods and they feel alone even though they are in the surrounding of a huge crowd. Time to time they are going to be sluggish.

Lewy Body Dementia Symptoms

Lewy dementia symptoms and signs include illusions.

The people who used to spend their lives in depression have no idea that it is a starting point of Lewy dementia.
Lewy Dementia People might see shape, animal and other creators around them even they don’t exist in reality.

Alcoholic Dementia Symptoms

Alcohol consumption increases the chances of dementia. People who drink alcohol from mid of the age there is the possibilities that they will be going through dementia.


Dementia is not a specific disease but it’s a wider category of symptoms of mental illness. If someone is behaving differently from their usual behavior their loved one should consult with the doctor. Because nothing is incurable. Many diseases are by aging we can’t do anything. But what we do for them we can give them our time or concern with a lot of care.

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