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Gut Health – Role Of Probiotics In Maintaining Gut Health

Gut Health

What Is Gut Health?

Before we start formally what is gut health we start from basics. We prefer choosing a healthy diet to acquire energy for our bodies. We ingest food through the mouth. From there, the food goes to the esophagus (food pipe). Later, the stomach takes up that food to break it down to easy-to-be-worked portions.

From there, the intestines work upon the broken down food pieces to extract the necessary elements from the food. The waste food left is excreted through the excretory organs. The whole process of taking in food, digesting it and then passing out the remains is called digestion. And, the system involved is called the  digestive system .

Every part of the process is equally important. Today, we are going to discuss the gut tract. The path of food intake from the mouth, food pipe, stomach, and intestines is called the  gastrointestinal tract , often referred to as gut tract.

Symptoms of a healthy and unhealthy gut

For a healthy body, proper digestion is an essential process. A healthy gut tract is the most important condition for healthy digestion. A maintained gut has a significant impact on general body health.

If you are having flawless skin, a set stomach, and a peaceful time, it indicates you are doing good with your eating habits. However, if the skin is irritable and there are constant episodes of an upset stomach, there is a huge chance your gut tract’s health is being compromised.

Poop – as gut health indicator

Moreover, as gross as it may sound, a real-time indicator of a good gut condition is painless and normal passing of stool. It means if the stool-passing moments are painful, or its texture or color is doubtful, your gut tract needs some help.

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How to care about gut health?

But, how can we help to maintain our gut health? With the advanced research in the field of microbiology, there have been huge results regarding the topic. It may sound surprising to many of you, the fact is a healthy gut tract has some essential bacteria. And we need to keep the balance of these healthy living bacteria by feeding them.

The Internet has got much hype about the topic. The gut bacteria are lining all the way down from food pipe to intestines and also colon.

These bacteria have a positive impact on the immune system, metabolism and mood swings.

The most favorable selection for gut health is taking probiotics regularly. Some people start taking them after getting sick with an upset stomach. That is the wrong approach because probiotics work as a precautionary measure.

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Taking regular probiotics will ensure that good bacteria is always there for your own goodness. At times, different diseases wipe out the population of these microbes. Alternatively, some times the antibiotics we take for treatment may also disturb the balance. In such circumstances, health care professionals recommend keeping an eye on gut health for a while.

Natural Sources for Gut Health


Most important to know that natural sources are always the best. However, these take longer to actually start working. Some common sources are

  • Home-made yogurt
  • Pickle
  • Preservative-free peanut butter
  • Probiotic milk drink
  • Apple cider vinegar

Some other recommendations from health coaches are

  • Eating whole organic foods is also essential.
  • Choose foods full of fiber.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink adequate amount of water
  • Reduce the usage of sugar and other sweeteners
  • Do not take antibiotics unnecessarily
  • Consume food from each food group – so as to make a balanced diet plan.
  • Prefer often a plant-based vegetarian diet.
  • Count your greens. Do have green vegetables as meals or smoothies.

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Alternatively, it is best to ask your health care provider about the potency and selection of market-based probiotic supplements. It will kick start the deficiency and will assist miraculously in maintaining gut health.

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How do probiotics work?

We constantly lose the number of good bacteria for several reasons. Therefore, it is important to replace them for continuous enjoyment of their benefits. This is where probiotics come to work. These help in replacing the good bacteria. Furthermore, another major benefit of taking probiotics is they keep the bad bacteria out and never allows them to disturb the balance between helpful and bad microbes.

Possible side effects

Some people may experience some unpleasant side effects when starting with a probiotic course.

These include bloating, gastric feeling. Likewise, nausea or increased thirst are also known side effects.

However, some people do not experience any such symptoms.

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Which health conditions benefit from probiotics?

Probiotics benefit overall all body health. This includes general fatigue level, crankiness, feeling of tiredness and few other diseases. These are listed below

  • IBS – Irritable bowel syndrome
  • General diarrhea and food poisoning
  • Skin conditions such as eczema
  • UTI – Urinary Tract Infections
  • Cold and Flu
  • These also manufacture some vitamins
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases

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What happens if gut health is not taken care of?

As suggested above, gut health is of primary importance. It has a huge positive impact on overall body health. If not taken care of, it may gradually deteriorate the body’s health leading to various diseases. It generally affects our eating habits by reducing or increasing appetite.

Our metabolism rate is also dependent on gut tract health. When not well-maintained, an unhealthy gut can cause depression, immune system-related disorders, diabetes, and cardiac issues, in addition to gastrointestinal diseases and uncontrollable weight gain.

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As a result of this research, stay away from junk food, have a healthy and balanced diet, add-on the missing benefits with probiotic supplements and enjoy your healthy life.

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