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Low Carb Diet: Myths VS Reality About Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Diet MYTHS VS Reality

Low Carb Diet

Here we are to let you know about some low carb diet myths and realities. People usually grade carbs as unhealthy for losing weight. Many diets are there which include no or fewer carbs. Therefore, they do completely avoid cards when planning their diet. However, we can’t ignore carbs. Like other essential nutrients, it is also necessary and acts as one of the basic ingredients of composition for our body.

Carbs have their benefits. They provide glucose and is a source of energy for us. Not all the carbs are the same. So keeping these points, dietitian invents low carb diets. Low carb diets include only healthy food, which is good for health. But the world has an opinion about everything. So they criticize little carb food too. Here we will see what common myths about low carb diet are and what is its reality.

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MYTH: Low carb diets are a fad. They will soon disappear from the world just like crash diets.

Reality: Low carb diet is not only a diet but also a lifestyle. According to research, it was first introduced in 1863. Moreover, it is not an art or a trend. Instead, it is a theory or science. It has 100-year research back, number of followers, and thousands or more beneficial around the world. So if you call it fad it is just that you don’t agree with it or want to follow it.

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Hard To Stick

MYTH: People say that a low carb diet is hard to follow and is strict. Low card diets focus on limited foods or groups of food. They are true to an extent, but here is the other side or real story as well.

Reality: The reality needs to study different diet plans. If you observe other diet plans, you will see that every diet plan has some psychology. They all focus on a single or specific group of food. Interestingly people are following them. Then why can’t people follow a low carb diet?

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Low Carb Diet Not Good For Health

MYTH: People believe that carbs are dangerous for the heart. It raises cholesterol, which increases the blood sugar level, ultimately leading to chronic heart diseases.

Reality: Carbs are not at all dangerous for the heart if taken wisely. Carbs indeed increase cholesterol level but a good one. It decreases blood sugar levels as well as triglyceride levels. Carb reduces blood sugar levels and also lowers the inflammation. With the help of lower insulin, the kidney sheds extra water and sodium. With that water, toxic substances from the body even leave the body.

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Workable When People Eat Less

MYTH: When you are on low carb food, you are supposed to eat less. Eat less and consider more calories.

Reality: There is no single diet plan which works for everyone. Also, it is not about how much you eat. It is about what you eat. The same case with a low carb diet. In low carb diets, one has to focus on quality rather than quantity. If you eat about 50 to 150 grams of carb daily, you can lose weight quickly. Roasted chickpea is healthy carbs, which makes yummy salads. Whole grain bread and sweet potatoes are the gems in this regard.

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Reduce Intake Of Green Food

MYTH: Green food (Natural food) and some vegetables, containing carbs, are not good.

Reality: There are some fruits which have carbs, but are the most favorite for healthy weight loss. They are not only useful to taste but good for the weight loss plan. Watermelon is one of them, which has a separate diet plan. Watery fruits simultaneously fill the other deficits as well. Moreover, we have avocado, which is not only good for health but also skin. Leafy green vegetables rich in iron cannot be put aside.

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Brian Need High Carbs

MYTH: The brain can’t function well without carbs. Reducing carb in the diet may lead to brain damage and memory loss.

Reality: True that our brain needs energy. This energy is provided through carbs. However, it is not necessary to eat a high carb diet. We can satisfy the need through low carb diets and foods. When we eat a low carb diet, ketones produce. The brain can use it for proper functioning. Even the ketones can improve our cognitive performance.

Fiberless And Fruitless

MYTH: Taking low carb food means no fiber. It also means no plants.

Reality: When we read some nutritional facts about food, we will know that plants are rich in fiber and have healthy carbs. Even people on a low carb diet say that they are eating more fruits and vegetables than before. Even the fruits are multi-nutrient food. Vegetables, nuts, seeds, and berries are an example of foods rich in carbs and fiber too.

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Low Carb Diet Effects Physical Activities

MYTH: Many sportspersons and athletes believe that carbs are essential for carrying out the high-intensity workout and physical performance.

Reality: It is true BUT not entirely. Our physical performance effects at the outset of this diet. However, it is for some time. Later on, our body becomes used to it. It takes time to show results but eventually they are going to stay longer. Low carb diet is beneficial for strength and muscles.


Last but not least, low carb diets are beneficial for a number of reasons. People adopt them not for weight loss only but also for diabetes and metabolic syndrome. One has to be patient in watching outcomes. It takes days even weeks for results to start appearing. In the end, we suggest you have a balanced diet.

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