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Fat Loss Plateau: How To Beat A Fitness Plateau

Fat Loss Plateau

Sometimes we are following a strict diet plan, no cheating and working out all the time but still not losing weight. This situation is known as a Fat Loss Plateau. Fat Loss Plateau is the situation in which a person is not losing fats anymore. This is a frustrating and exhausting situation.

Many of us are left with our targets in between when this happens. However, what dietitians suggest is to look upon your situation and revise all the plans. Here we will discuss few points to reconsider when you face fat loss plateau.

Reduce Calories Intake

We all are highly motivated in the beginning. We do take start with the courage to do as much as we could in a single day. Later on, we find ourselves slipping.

Initially, we start with more calories with every passing day we are less restricted to it. So we end up eating more calling it fat loss plateau. Maybe you are losing more in the first week, but next week you will lose less due to unrealistic approach.

So start weight loss gradually. Do not try to jump on the higher level without steps. In the first week decrease 300 calories. In the subsequent week, decrease 400 and so on. This will yield effective and long term results. Give your fats time period to go away and be patient.

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Change Workout Routine

Our body needs changes. Sometimes we are following workout routine properly and taking proper diet but not losing. Here you should consider your workout routine. Change your plan. Add more new exercises. Lift more weight then usually you do.

Weight Loss Plan

Increase your fat-burning rate. This can be done through the increasing intensity of the workout. Add cardio and if you already did then increase its timing. Exercises like strength training and cardio help reducing weight and prevent you from fat loss plateau. Resistance training greatly helps. One has to exercise daily to lose weight.

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Eat More Fiber To Beat Plateau

Fiber and fat loss are two friendly combos. So if you face fat loss plateau take help from the fiber. Fiber resists appetite. Eating fiber will restrict food intake by keeping you full. So eating from other food groups reduces the chances of being full.

All the fiber is beneficial; however, soluble fiber is more beneficial as it stays in the digestive tract. One has to eat about 30 grams of fiber each day to reduce weight and to have a healthy heart. If you are sweet tooth move toward fibrous fruit. Instead of flour add whole grain oats.

Fat Burning Foods For Weight Loss Naturally

Cheat Meal

Fat loss is always coming out of the comfort zone. Our body is highly adaptable to diet plans and weight loss routines. Highly adaptable means becoming used to an environment. Our body becomes used for low calories and high workout.

This is the point when our body stops losing weight. So you have to awake your body. You can awake your body by giving it irregular work. That irregular work is a cheating meal. Though you can enjoy your favorite meal once a week. However, this should be some guidelines for following this.

  • It should be a cheated meal but not CHEAT DAY.
  • Eat before a workout so you can burn it quickly
  • Eat something you want but keeping real junks away.

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Reduce Sodium Intake To Beat Plateau

Sometimes you feel heavy as per weighing machine. Our dear weighing machine is not showing what we want. So this is tiring. However, this is not really you. I mean the figures on the weighing machine are not of fat only. It can be water weight.

Our body retains extra weight in our body with the help of sodium. So reduce your sodium intake. It can be tossing on salad, mix in real curry or lemonade. Many processed foods contain sodium. So read labels before using. Avoid fried items and prefer homemade things.

Quality Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in our progress. It is far more critical for our mental and physical health. So we can’t ignore its effects on our weight. Less sleep results in lowering the metabolic rate.

Moreover, our body contains a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone which retains fats in case of stress or less sleep. When we don`t sleep properly, we crave for sweets and junk food. So always ensure quality sleep for overall health and well being.

Healthy Habits To Reduce Weight Without Dieting


Pass Active Days

When you face fat loss plateau, try to look at your routine. A person needs to be more active than a normal person is. So try to have an activity-based life. Use stairs instead of lifts.

Take less help from maids or helpers. Gardening has positive effects on the mind and body to adopt it. Try to develop new healthy habits as in moving around instead of watching TV all the time. Go for a walk in the evening beside the gym. Drive less of the car and go through a cycle. Take your pet for a walk.

Stop Measuring

Stop Measuring
Stop Measuring

The more you measure, the more you are conscious. So stop measuring too frequently. Fix a day and time and measure on the same day, not every day. Our weight is a combo of water, muscles, and fats, so when the weighing machine informs you about all. So stop worrying and start taking actions that matter.



Fat loss plateau is something serious but happens to everyone in their journey. However, you should take proper actions to eliminate them achieve your targets.

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