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Popular Diet Plans: Suitable Diet Plan For Me?

Diet Plan

Some Popular Diet Plans

It is a dream of almost everyone to have an ideal shape of the body. Now it is not difficult for you to choose your best diet plan. Those who are already in shape want to maintain. Those who have an ideal shape is not always a healthy ideal shape.

For this purpose, people adopt different strategies. A diet plan is one of the most commonly adopted strategies that people consider the easiest of all. All the efforts are useless when you are not eating well at a specific time.

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Clear Your Point Of View

We all want some guidelines to follow to achieve the dream of having an ideal shape and get a weight figure. So there are few diet plans which are used by the number of people and are successful in molding their bodies in the way they want to mold.

However, before introducing the top diet plans, let us make some points clear to you about yourself and your diet. That is:

  • Everyone is different from others.
  • Ask your doctor before starting a diet plan.
  • Never go on crash dieting.
  • You may not observe quick results.

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GM Diet Plan

GM stands for a General Motor Diet Plan. People believe that the GM diet was designed for employees of GM motor. This is a seven-day diet plan. In this, one can lose up to 15 pounds.

Every day one has to eat a group of food the whole day. This one creates a deficit of calories. Most of the food in this plan is negative calorie food.

  • The first day is fruit day.
  • The second day is Vegetable day.
  • The third is a combination of fruit and vegetable.
  • The fourth day is milk and banana day.
  • The fifth is meat and tomato day.
  • The Sixth-day is again meat/rice day along with vegetables except for potatoes.
  • The Seventh-day is Fruit, rice, and vegetable.

Avoid salt as much as possible. You may have some healthy substitutes. One can repeat this diet but after a gap of 7 days.

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Military Diet Plan

The military diet plan is also known as a 3-day diet plan. In this plan, one can lose up to 10 pounds of body weight in a span of three days. This plan can not be carried for more than three days consecutively.

A person can continue this plan after four days break. There is no snake between meals. You will take about  1100 to 1400 calories  in a single day. This plan usually has ice cream, cheese, apple, banana, toast, and eggs.

The combo keeps on changing every day and every meal. There are different healthy and yummy alternatives present for this plan.

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1200 Calories Diet Plan

If you want to start losing weight to get a slim body shape and you are in search of some easy and effective weight loss diet plans, then the 1200 calorie plan is for you to follow. In this plan, one has to take 500 fewer calories than usual.

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This calorie deficit helps in losing up to 1lbs. Again this plan has a different meal every day. Usually, the meal is based on low calories and will maintain the energy level. The idea is a combination of all the nutrients.

Take fewer carbohydrates and more protein. One may divide his number of meals into multiple small meals. Instead of three big meals, one can have six smaller but healthier meals.  Say no to processed foods  in this plan. Avoid taking every fried food even of protein or iron.

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Keto Diet Plan


As you know keto diet is one of the popular diet plans these days. The primary motto of this diet is to take fewer carbs and more fats and proteins. We can say that it is a lifestyle rather than a diet plan.

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When you are losing or maintaining you should follow a keto diet plan. This plan holds your energy. In this plan, you will feel fuller, energetic, and satisfied. However, this plan is not for everyone. You should not be on Keto if you are:

  • Patient of High blood pressure.
  • Patient of Blood sugar.
  • Or a breastfeeding mother.

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DASH Diet Plan

DASH stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension. This is another diet plan which targets not a specific food group. It is not only based on food to eat, but it revolves around targets.

Low sodium foods are preferred as well as high in magnesium, calcium, and potassium is encouraged. Whole wheat and dairy products are the best choices. This plan is not for losing weight but  maintaining weight .

Moreover, it is best for  lowering blood pressure and cholesterol . This can be the long term plan for a healthy lifestyle which involves an ideal shape and smart mind. This diet also discourages protein. Drop sodium level and make a habit of reading labels to avoid extra fat and sodium.

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Here it is important to note that you should not try any diet plan without a proper plan. Therefore, consulting a doctor is the first step to follow a calorie losing plan.

To get an appropriate image, Weigh yourself early morning without eating or drinking anything and after using the washroom. Give yourself at least seven days to show results.

Sometimes out weight is consistent but our inches are reducing. This is a healthy indicator. It means you are losing your fats. Keep track of what you eat. Be strict with your diet plan. Last but not least, know your body before working on it.

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