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Introduction And Signs Of Good Health


Human health is a complicated and vast subject.

  1. Health has many aspects. Every part of the body has its own health problems.
  2. Health is a complete science which is called HYGIENE.
    Hygiene is a branch of science which deals with health, and health-related problems
  3. Health, Hygiene, and sickness.

What is the difference between health, Hygiene, and sickness?

Hygiene is a method to ward off sickness to maintain healthy conditions.

As a matter of interest, many people know nothing about their health, but they only say “We Are Sick“, and many people are not healthy and they say “We Are Healthy“.

Definition Of Health

Health is a great subject. Its definition is not possible in one statement.
Some incomplete and defective definitions are as under

  1. Complete soundness of mind and body
  2. Good conditions of the body
  3. A sense of well being

The third one is more comprehensive.

Signs Of Good Personal Health

There are complex signs of good health.
I will mention some of them.

  1. Thirst
  2. Hunger
  3. Sleep
  4. Stool


If you feel thirst you should feel a pleasant sensation for need to drink water.
If you want to drink water you should feel a pleasant sensation of thirst.
When you drink water then you feel a pleasant sensation of satisfaction from thirst.

When you feel a pleasant sensation of thirst you may say it is a sign of good health, and when you drink water you feel a pleasant sensation of satisfaction you say a good sign of good health.

Some Erroneous Sensations Of Thirst

  • Burning thirst.
  • Cool drinks distress.
  • Wants to drink water due to dryness of mouth.
  • Every time wants to drink lemonade.
  • Difficulty in drinking water or liquids.
  • No thirst for 24 hours. mouth dry and thirst.
  • To drink many times but small quantity.
  • Thirst at night with dry mouth.
  • Dread of drinking.
  • Hot drinks disagree.


When you feel hunger it should be a pleasant sensation hunger is a pleasant sensation to eat meal or food.
When you take meal you should feel a good sensation of satiety.
If you feel hunger with some disagreeable sensation then you are not called healthy.
A good food has good taste if you feel delicious taste of the food you can say it is a healthy sensation.
Hunger is a basic Desire of healthy people.
A defective sensation of Hunger and Sick Feeling after eating is unhealthy conditions.



Good sleep is a good sign of good health. when we sleep it should be a pleasant sensation and after sleep, we should be happy and fresh.
Sleeplessness extra sleep and sleepy with morbid sensations or not healthy conditions.
If you feel bad sensations after sleep it is not a sign of better health.
Wake up with tiredness and annoyance represents on the healthy state.

Some Morbid Sleep Conditions

  • Sleepy during the day. Drowsy.
  • Abnormal wakefulness at night.
  • Unfreshend sleep.
  • Knees near chest while sleeping.
  • Sleepy but cannot sleep.
  • Wake up too early in the morning.
  • Loss of breath on falling asleep.
  • Many problems during sleep.
  • Sleep after meals.
  • Sleeplessness in old people.
  • Sleep breaks many times.


The desire for stool is also a pleasant sensation and after stool feeling of lightness of mind and body.

When somebody goes to stool once a day and sleep well 8 hours at night, he is called healthy.

To go to stool two or three or four times a day it cannot be called good signs of health.

More eating and frequently go to stool is a health deteriorating practice.

In the modern world, this practice is common, that is why many types of Health Problems are emerging.

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